Below was the line-up for the 2014 Wild Shots Photography Symposium held on 15th November. For details of this year’s speakers - see Speakers.


09.00 Welcome and Introduction by the MC: Brandon de Kok.
09.05 Opening Address: Valli Moosa.
09.15 Sophie Stafford (UK): Top shots – ground-breaking photos from the past 50 years of wildlife photography.
09.45 Marsel van Oosten: Resurrection – new interpretations of subjects that have been shot to death.
10.05 Albie Venter: An intimate view – life in the undergrowth.

10.25 Coffee break.

10.50 Isak Pretorius: Birds in their element – top tips for bird photography.
11.10 Morkel Erasmus: Social Media for nature photographers - the fine line between sharing and spamming.
11.30 Bridgena Barnard: Caught in the act – capturing the moment.
11.50 Matthew Schurch: Wild Spots – photo ID’ing the Kalahari leopards.
12.10 Heinrich van den Berg: Reflection - changes in publishing.

12.30 Lunch, Exhibition space and Book signings

13.30 Andrew Beck: A touch too much? – post-processing for natural enhancement.
13.50 Alex Mazunga: Shooting Botswana’s wildlife – the importance of photo-tourism to conservation.
14.10 David Rogers: Gearing Up – do’s and don’ts preparing for a photo safari.
14.30 Neil Aldridge: Putting images to good use - picture power for conservation.

14.50 Tea Break.
15.15 From passion to print – how to get your photos published.
(i) Sophie Stafford (UK), former editor BBC Wildlife Magazine,
(ii) Sam Reinders, Weg/go! Magazine.
15.55 Skye Meaker: Young eyes – new talent.
16.00 Greg du Toit: Blood, sweat and photographic tears - capturing images of free-ranging lion in Kenya’s south rift valley.
16.40 Weg/go! presents the winner and runners up of their 2014 Canon Cover Competition
16.50 Thank you and close - Brandon de Kok.
17.00 - 18.00 Wine reception sponsored by Bouchard Finlayson wines.

N.B Whilst we do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information here, the exact details regarding sessions and speakers is obviously subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

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